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9U Blackbox Rackmount Case | Pelican BB0090
Retail: $1,445.50
Price: QUOTE
Availability: Available
Item #: RHD-BlackBox9U-SAE -

9U Pelican BlackBox Rack Pelican 9 Space Double Lid Shockmounted rack with 24" deep steel rack frame, 29" rotomolded plastic body, front and rear covers (one 2.2" and one 5.2"), edge casters, wide comfort grip handles and black cobalt plated hardware. Case features positive anti-shear latches, molded-in stacking ribs, molded tongue-in-groove gasketed parting line, elastomeric shock mounts, lid hangers, automatic pressure relief valve, airtight seals and molded-in color. Cases are engineered to...