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Anvil ATA Cases | Air Transportation Association Cases

Anvil ATA Cases (Air Transportation Association Cases) offer the ultimate in protection. Designed to meet or exceed ATA Specification 300, Category 1. Our line of Anvil ATA cases are the most durable, reusable and cost-effective line of transit cases available.

Custom Anvil Cases can be made to order in an average of four to six weeks. Anvil maintains a library with thousands of standard designs for everything from music amplifiers to plotters. Many standard designs can be further customized and purchased online. Instead of fitting your items into a standard sized case, Anvil creates a design specifically for your equipment. This approach yields a case that is size and weight efficient, eliminating extra container size and weight that increases ongoing shipping costs.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES offer the ultimate in protection. Designed to meet or exceed the Air Transportation Association Specification 300, Category 1, ATA cases are the most durable reusable transit cases available.

Detailed ATA Specifications can be found here.

ATA Cases from Anvil in Florida


Constructed to perform under the most exacting conditions, Anvil ATA cases provide unsurpassed function and reliability. Exterior panels are built with strong, solid components, and interiors are custom-designed with precision-sculpted unicellular foam to provide maximum shock absorption and safety from damage due to vibration. The result is uncompromising fit and maximum protection.


All Anvil Cases are available in 9 different finishes. From the standard stock finish to custom color to custom photo-realistic case wrap. Many construction materials offer a lighter weight or more durable construction, while other materials offer premium customization options such as paint and wraps.

Anvil Iron Aluminum Armor Lite
ATA Cases from Anvil in Florida
ATA Road Cases by Anvil
ATA Shipping Cases by Anvil
XLT XLT-15 Fiberglass
Lightweight XLT construction Anvil ATA Case
Rugged Strong ATA Shipping Cases by Anvil
Fiberglass ATA Shipping Cases Anvil
Custom Paint Digital Wrap Non-Reflective Hardware
ATA Flight Cases by Anvil
ATA Containers by Anvil
Anvil Cases Florida Air Transportation Association Containers


Air Transportation Association Cases ATA Shipping Containers for Flights
  1. ABS, Fiberglass or Aluminum Laminate in choice of colors.
  2. ACX plywood or XLT Polypropylene (1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" as specified)
  3. Aluminum edging and fittings
  4. Aluminum tongue-in-groove valance
  5. Split steel rivets driven through edging and plywood every 3 inches
  6. Steel ball or stacking ball corners
  7. Full length steel piano hinge
  8. Recessed spring loaded twist latches
  9. Recessed spring loaded handles with cushioned grip
  10. Custom Cases - fitted polyester or polyethylene foam interiors

The Anvil ATA case is unparalleled in the industry. Using precision fabrication techniques combined with rugged, long-lasting components, each case is constructed to provide maximum protection. Exterior panels utilize ACX plywood, supported by an outer frame of strong, lightweight aluminum edging secured by machine-driven split steel rivets. ABS plastic, fiberglass and aluminum provide damage-resistant exterior surfaces. Plastic and fiberglass are available in a variety of colors. Soft, resilient unicellular foam is sculptured around each piece of equipment to create a secure and complete fit.