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Platt Luggage briefcases, and attaches combine form with function to provide organization for the tools you need to organize commonly used tools or office supplies. Our Platt Luggage line of briefcases and attaches, offer versatile carrying options to protect your items from the elements. 

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The durable exterior of Platt Cases allows them to protect sensitive documents or items that you keep handy throughout the day, with various pockets to keep them organized and easily accessed.

Platt Luggage briefcases and attaches also feature the added utility of locking mechanisms to protect your sensitive documents and electronic equipment from prying eyes, through the use of a small combination lock to deter theft.  

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Platt Luggage : Attache : Briefcase 06373
Price: $249.16
Availability: Available
Item #: RIP-06373 -

Deluxe Soft Molded Attache #06373Patented leather like vinyl construction sewn over and through molded ABS thermoplastic shell. Black anodized aluminum frame, recessed combination lock and latches and golf grip handle. Interior has 3 pocket soft-touch vinyl folder.Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Platt Luggage : Aluminum Attache : Briefcase 06488
Price: $251.01
Availability: Available
Item #: RIP-06488 -

Drawn Aluminum Attache #06488Satin finish anodized aluminum shell briefcase is lined with tweed fabric. Features deluxe interior vinyl pockets for literature, pens, diskettes, etc.; padded handle, combination lock and durable full-length piano hinge.

Platt Luggage : Polypropylene Attache : Briefcase 06385
Price: $146.70
Availability: Available
Item #: RIP-06385 -

High-Impact Polypropylene Attache #06385High impact black polypropylene shells with extruded aluminum frame, cast chrome key locks, full-length piano hinge and golf grip handle. Interior has 3 pocket soft-touch vinyl file folder.Proudly Made in the U.S.A.