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Rackmount Cases 101

How do I know what type of rackmount case I need?

Most Rackmount containers are defined as:

  • Shockmount Cases for frequent transit. These products utilize elastomeric rack frame supports or foam to absorb shock and vibration.
  • Hardmount Racks for less than frequent transit or stationary applications. The products do not have shock absorbent features; the rack frame is typically hard-mounted to the structure of the case.
  • Rack Enclosures are most suitable for stationary applications such as server rooms, studios and office environments and require little to no mobility.

Standard EUI rackmount width is 19 inches (48.26 cm) width.

What is a "U" Size?

A standard rack space is approximately 1.75 inches (4.4445 cm) in height.
Rack spaces are commonly referred to as a “U” - such as “5U Rack Case” or “3U Rack Drawer”.

Other things to consider when choosing a rackmount case are:

  • How deep does your rackmount case need to be?
    Deeper requirements may limit the variety of cases available for your needs.
  • Does your equipment require rear mount supports?
    Additional charges may be required for this option.