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Transport Calzone Cases -  Shipping Cases For Your Equipment

Calzone Cases is the industry leader in fabricated cases with regional manufacturing facilities in Bridgeport, CT and Los Angeles, CA. Calzone maintains a CAD / CAM library with thousands of standard designs, most of which can be further customized and purchased online. Or you can fill out our online quotation request form and create your own design. With an average turnaround time of two weeks or less, your equipment can be protected by a Calzone case in the time it takes other manufacturers to do their paperwork.

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IN-HOUSE DESIGN: Calzone Case Company is a leader in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Our experience in design, building and manufacturing provide a unique database for our state-of-the-art design capability. Often we can design, engineer and produce a Calzone Case with only the name and model number of the item to be protected. We also take precise measurements and specifications for unusual or new products which are then saved for future use.

CALZONE is the industry leader in fabricated cases with regional manufacturing facilities in Bridgeport, CT and Los Angeles, CA. The Calzone Case Company is family owned and operated. We consider every one of our case makers, office staff, management team and distributors to be part of our family. Beyond the quality materials and workmanship, there is something we put into every one of our cases that is unequaled in the marketplace... and that's PRIDE.

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PATENTED DOUBLE ANGLE: The strength of a Calzone Case comes from the inside. Every Calzone Case starts with Double Angle construction. It is a manufacturing system designed to ensure the greatest integrity of the case framing. Without a Double Angle, it's not a Calzone, and that's backed by the US Patent office.

PATENTED VALANCE: Calzone Cases provide a smooth fit from top to bottom. a result of our unique valance system. In addition to providing a solid base for the side walls, our valance ensures an effortless fit around the entire opening of the case, providing a tight and reliable closure that will last a lifetime.


Calzone Case Company has built a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality case in the product protection business. One thing we have found is that for every customer using one of our standard cases, there are just as many with special requirements.

Calzone Cases spends each day fulfilling special customer requests through our Distributors who work directly with our Engineering Departments. You'll always find a specialist ready to assist you and provide the service and quality you can only expect from Calzone. We stake our reputation on it.


Each and every ESCORT case, standard or custom made, comes with two features unavailable anywhere else: our reputation and our Lifetime Warranty. It's very simple - if you ever have a materials or manufacturing defect in your Calzone Case while you own it, Calzone will repair the defect or replace the case. It's that easy.

Calzone Cases is dedicated to providing our customers with the best and quickest service possible. Master Distributors such as Cases2Go are ready to assist you with your custom cases design needs - simply E-mail or call us at 813-513-9910.

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