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Flat Screens, such as LCD and LED displays, are becoming a common attraction at trade shows and conventions because they dramatically improve the appearance of your booth, and transmit powerful messages to your target audience. Flat screens with LCD and LED display technology can be fragile, and screen damage can distort pixels and cause last minute issues if you're not prepared.

Pelican™ Cases | Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases | Tradeshow Cases

An ATA rated flight case from Cases2Go is the perfect solution for your trade show needs, providing heavy duty protection for any transit environment, ensuring your brand message arrives to the show without compromise. Pelican™ cases are often used for packaging trade show equipment and displays from destination to destination, with ample foam lining engineered to cradle your equipment like a glove.  

Pelican Flat Screen TV Shipping Cases

Pelican Flat Screen TV shipping cases are available with custom configured interiors to your exact screen specifications at reasonable prices.

Our ATA rated, flat screen TV shipping cases, are flight ready cases that are an economical solution for all transportation methods, and will protect your equipment for years to come! 

Please specify make, model and item specifications for your application requirements. Contact our sales office today by e-mail at or by phone at 813-513-9910.

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