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Government Sales


Cases2Go provides our government and military buyers discounted pricing on all our product lines. With over 40 years of military contracting experience, Cases2Go is intimately familiar with the unique requirements of our government customers. Numerous military units, federal agencies and government contractors turn to us for cases to protect everything from tubas to tactical communications equipment. Our case designs have proven themselves time and again in deployments worldwide, which is why customers such as USSOCOM, USCENTCOM, SPAWAR (NIWC), L-3, RAYTHEON, LOCKHEED MARTIN, SAIC and many others rely on Cases2Go for deployable shipping cases.

Cases2Go Production Networking Enclosure

NASA custom case

All Products quoted to our Government customers are US Made (or BAA / TAA compliant on certain product lines), are commercial items as defined in FAR Part 2, and supplied by a small business CAGE 0AHS1. We provide COTS products as well as shipping cases configured to our customers' specifications. Design, engineering and production of innovative solutions is our specialty. We offer rapid prototyping and quick turnaround on first pieces for form, fit and function evaluation.

Anvil Cases GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Cases2Go is the Authorized Participating Dealer for Anvil Cases GSA Contract Number 47QSEA-21-D-007P.  More information can be found here

When it's Mission Critical, the Case makes the Mission Possible

Service to our customers is our top priority, for the United States military it's paramount, as noted by one our US Marine Corps customers:

"As you are aware, as a military agency we use a countless amount of cases, which vary in size and quantities. Prior to finding the Cases2Go company, we were forced to use a variety of companies to satisfy our requirements because of inventory issues, delivering wrong part numbers, non timely-deliveries, no support after the sale, cost, etc.. (I am being nice here. needless to say, we will not work with them any more...).

Since finding Cases2Go, we have not had a single issue with regards to Cost, Timeliness of Deliveries, General Support, and above all else, their Quality of Service (QOS) cannot be stated highly enough. This organization is continually providing top notch service for all of our needs. As far as this Marine unit is concerned, Cases2Go is the premier leader in the Case reseller industry.

Additional Background:
With regards to the below purchase orders... These orders consist of over 600 Transit cases which vary in size and manufacturer. To ensure we received the exact product, the Cases2Go company sent us a sample of each size and model that were ordered, prior to making the final order with the manufacturer. Thankfully! They did this because we had made a mistake on the equipment dimensions that one of the cases was to support... If it were not for their QOS and professionalism, this error could have cost the Government an estimated $90,000.00 in non-returnable product.

Bottom Line:
Cases2Go is the premier company in a highly competitive market. They have truly earned our respect and we will continue to work with them for many years to come."

Patrick M.