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Case Measurement Guide

Because cases come in all shapes, sizes, parting lines and perform an endless array of transport services. Terminology, when it comes to case measurements, can often be ambiguous and a frustrating source of confusion. References to left, right, top, bottom, front, back, height, depth, width and length relative to the function and position of the case.

To ease some of this confusion, we have standardized our dimensional format for transit "transit cases" and "rackmount cases".

The illustrations below provides the standard terminology for the X,Y, and Z dimensions on both. Typically the measurements shown within the product descriptions are described as Left-to-Right, Front-to-Back and Top-to-Bottom unless otherwise specified.

Example: X x Y x Z = Left to Right, Front to Back, Top to Bottom

How to measure a Transit Case:
Envision the case is sitting in front of you with the lid on top.

How to measure a Rackmount Case:

The front lid should be facing you.