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Rackmount Cases | Server Rack Case | 19" Racks

Pelican-Hardigg™ Cases are world renowned as the toughest, smartest transport systems available for commercial, industrial and military shippers. Our rotomolded shock mounted rack cases ensure maximum protection for shipping virtually any industrial, commercial, scientific, or military equipment and instruments. Pelican-Hardigg™ reusable double-entry (also called double-lid) rackmount cases are lightweight and incredibly rugged, because we use the best polyethylene molding processes - and we engineer them ourselves.

Pelican-Hardigg BlackBox Rackmount Cases from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg DE Rackmount from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg DE Server Racks from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg MAC Racks from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg ProRacks from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg SUPERMAC Racks from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg V-Rack Rackmount Cases from Cases2go
Pelican-Hardigg options from Cases2Go

Pelican-Hardigg's™ innovative design process and rigorous testing methods continue to result in superior patented advancements that ensure your vital, sensitive and expensive electronics remain protected. Rackmount Cases can take repeated drops, blows and soakings while protecting your gear inside. Nothing protects better than Pelican-Hardigg™ Cases when it comes to electronics. From the ultimate protection of a Classic DE Rack, and the smaller footprint SuperMAC™, MAC Rack™ and ProRack™ - we have the solution to fit your exact shipping and protection requirements. All Pelican-Hardigg™ Rackmount cases meet EIA standards.

PLEASE NOTE: Pelican-Hardigg™ rackmount cases are molded at time of order - average production time is 4-6 weeks. In the event of high factory volume - production time subject to change. For time sensitive solutions, please view to the Pelican Black Box rack for an off the shelf solution.

You can count on a Pelican-Hardigg™ portable rackmount shipping cases to be dust-proof, water-resistant, low-maintenance-cost, and reusable for many years.

Pelican-Hardigg's™ Rackmount cases are compliant with commercial and military performance testing and specifications. With our reusable rack mount cases' superb design, durability, track record, and attention to design details, thousands of customers rely on Pelican-Hardigg™ shipping cases for mobile workstation set-ups, communications and electronics equipment, medical instruments, and computers. All Pelican-Hardigg™ Rackmount Cases boast rugged rotomolded exterior shells that withstand all kinds of abuse, drop after drop, in every environment - damage free. From the most delicate equipment to slightly more rugged electronics, Pelican-Hardigg™ has a case with the perfect combination of shock and vibration protection and portability.

If you require a case with a capacity beyond 340 lbs, please contact us at 813-513-9910 for more options or custom solutions.