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Designed with the same precision and strength built into every Calzone case, rack-mount systems combine world-class protection with convenient access to your equipment. From basic hard-mount designs to heavy-duty shock-mount rack cases, Calzone rack systems provide the convenience and added protection necessary in today's highly mobile, high-tech equipment environment.

Calzone Rackmount Case

Virtually any rackable equipment or electronics can be safely transported with a Calzone rack system. Calzone offers both hard-mount and shock-mount options. Hard-mount racks are positioned directly on the case wall, while shock-mount racks are designed as a case within a case and provide a 1" or 2" layer of foam between the case exterior and the inner, floating shell.

From guitar cases to shock-mounted rack mixing consoles, Anvil cases meet the challenge. The tough, exterior wall construction guards against equipment damage, while flawless and functional case interiors offer uncompromising fit and protection. Anvil cases are made to fit the exact specifications of your equipment, and can be customized with your choice of colors and options. Whether you're in a garage band or on your way to Carnegie Hall, Anvil cases are the professional choice for musicians worldwide.

Both front and back case lids are removable, allowing instrumentation to remain in the protective shell during use. While 18" and 24" depths are standard, any depth is available to accommodate your requirements. ATA rack cases adhere to the E.I.A.'s 19" width standard. RETMA rack rails are available. Rack-mount systems offer you the convenience of keeping your equipment protected while in use.


  • Front and back clamp-on lids
  • Pull-over-clamp cases - inner rack removable
  • Two or more E.I.A. spaces at any rackable depth (18" and 24" standard)
  • Amp / Mixer cases - front, rear and top remove
  • Shock-mount A.T.A. rack cases with 1" or 2" layer of foam between outer wall and 1/2" inner shell
  • Pre-tapped rack channel 10/32" (untapped RETMA rails available)
  • LD-ATA Racks - 12" and 18" rackable depth

Customize your Calzone Rackmount Case with our large selection of Options such as casters, locks and vents and Accessories such as shelves, drawers and power strips.


  • Heavy-duty casters / fixed or removable

  • Modular freestanding table

  • Variable rack depths

  • Stacking options

  • Venting - round or square groove type
  • Rear rack channel / RETMA rack channel

  • Trap Doors / Accessory Compartments

  • Heavy-duty rack glides

  • Production component drawer

  • Rackmount Accessories

  • Calzone manufactures a complete line of EIA rackmount case products for transporting delicate electronic, computer, and video / broadcast components. Manufactured to meet the ATA Specification 300 shipping requirements, Calzone rackmount cases offer maximum protection and ease of use. They conform to the Electronic Industry Association's (E.I.A.) 19" width standard and are available in standard 18" and 24" rackable depths; as well as custom depths.

    All Escort series cases utilize Calzone's unique patented (D247993) double angle construction and extrusions manufactured to alloys 606T6 and 6063-T52 for superior strength and durability. Rack cases are available in both hard-mount and shock-mount designs. Hard-mount racks are positioned directly on the case interior, while shock-mount racks are designed as a case within a case and provide a 1" or 2" layer of foam between the case exterior and the inner shell.