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Biohazard and Biohazardous Material Cases

UN IATA Class 6.2 Infectious Substance Packaging

The packing and transport of hazardous substances requires the utmost care and security. Moving these materials via air necessitates even greater safety, and means meeting stringent UN and IATA guidelines. To ensure compliance, it is critical to use only the highest quality certified containers for packaging, storage and transportation of biohazardous materials. 

UN IATA Class 6.2 Biohazard Materials Case - Small

Our aluminum cases are approved as composite packaging (Code UN 4B, 4BU, 4BV, 4BW, 50B) and are available with UN Certification for the transport of BioHazardous Materials. Cases2Go offers a variety of solutions which meet the most exacting requirements for biohazard containment and transport.

Our extensive selections of UN4B Aluminum HAZMAT containers are both stackable and palletizable. Durable and sturdy, they are equipped with stainless steel hinges, two lid straps, and a choice of water-resistant, water-tight or water-vapor proof peripheral seal. Cast aluminum stacking corners and beading at the periphery and corners add strength and stability. For security, each aluminum box can be secured with a plug lock, padlock, or lead seals. A heavy-duty ergonomic handle eases the comfort of transport. We offer special features like skid bars and drop handles, to guarantee that these universal containers work in any situation. 

Cases2Go is prepared to meet the dangerous goods transit needs of any industry with a variety of UN IATA approved and certified outer containers.

UN 4B Certification Label

UN IATA compliant containers from Cases2Go meet the rigorous 4B performance requirements of the UN Dangerous Goods Regulations, exceed ATA Specification 300, Category 1, are MIL-STD-810D compliant and ingress protection rating 54 (IP 54). These containers are suitable for thermally controlled transport using dry ice or other coolants. Class 6.2 infectious substance composite packaging containers are available with or without insulation inserts and secondary inner packaging. 

All Dangerous Goods cases are priced by quotation only. Use our Request a Quote form to provide your application requirements. Lead time is contingent upon Hazard Class of contents and stock availability at time of order. Cases certified for Packaging Groups II and III are generally available for shipment within 1 week. Packaging Group I certification and/or custom foam interiors may have longer lead times.

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