How Rotomolding Produces Superior Shipping Cases

Many ways exist to modify and customize shipping containers used for moving electronics, musical instruments, medical equipment, weapons, military equipment and other items. But no matter how a case looks or what it is designed to hold, if it’s not strong enough to keep the items inside it safe, it’s of little value. This is why many companies prefer to go with polyethylene rotomolded cases.

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What is rotomolding?

Rotomolding (or rotational molding) is a process that uses rotation to cause a heated liquid material to conform to the shape of a mold. The first documented use of rotational molding was in Britain in 1855. Plastics began to be used in the process in the early 1950s to produce such diverse products as car armrests, road cones, water buoys and even doll heads.

In the 1960s, rotomolding began to be used to create hollow containers with low-density polyethylene that dried to form an extremely tough and durable shell. It wasn’t long before this technology was being used to build a wide range shipping and transport cases.

Modern rotomolded cases give companies engaged in the shipping of products and equipment a superior product that can handle light to very heavy loads in small to extra-large sizes.

Advantages of rotomolded shipping cases

No matter what type of cargo you’re shipping, you’ll find that a superior rotomolded case offers you the protection and design flexibility you need to protect your investment.

  • The corners of rotomold cases contain added material to protect cargo against otherwise damaging impacts

  • Cases are watertight because there are no joints in the hollow sections

  • Rotomolded cases can be customized for thickness in areas where it’s needed while keeping other areas thinner to reduce the overall weight of the case

  • Because of the ability to add molded-in structural reinforcements, rotomolding can produce powerful and durable shipping cases in virtually any size

  • Unlike with some other molding processes, rotomolding produces cases that aren’t susceptible to shape-distortion

  • Rotomolding allows designers to build in interlocking patterns with configurations that won’t expand or contract, which allows for consistent stacking time after time

  • These cases have no sharp edges or corners, making them ATA-300 compliant and safe for workers to handle, carry and stack

  • The color of rotomolded cases is maintained through its lifetime because the color is blended through the polyethylene material and not simply coated as some other processes call for

Strength + customization

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Shipping cases built by rotomolding are tough, rugged and designed for long life. Depending on the types of materials you ship, professional customization can make these cases the ideal containers for you to use over and over again for many years.

While the construction of a shipping case offers one layer of protection, the next layer comes with customizing the interior of the case to perfectly hold and safeguard your cargo. A well-made rotomold case customized to your exact specifications is your best insurance against damage and loss.

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