How Shipping Case Color Affects Internal Temperature

One of the challenges many shippers of cargo face is keeping high levels of external heat from damaging their products. Electronics, medicines, some plastics and a variety of chemicals all can be seriously damaged if exposed to high temperatures for certain lengths of time.

If you face this challenge, there are several ways to effectively address it. One is with the color of your shipping cases.

How sun and heat affect the internal temperature of transit cases

It’s fairly well-known that darker surfaces tend to absorb more heat from the sun than lighter-colored surfaces. Softer color shades have greater reflective properties than darker shades, thus sending away a good deal of the heat that bears down on them. Dark colors, especially black, welcome the heat.

Your shipping cases can be purchased in a variety of colors, and desired external colors can be added during the customization process. There’s no reason to keep risking the safety of your cargo when you have options available that will make a significant difference in the internal temperatures of your transit cases.

Some shipping environments and locations are worse than others

For manufacturers who ship to Canada and Alaska, there’s usually not a lot of worry about their cargo becoming overheated by their cases absorbing the intense heat of the sun. But the closer to the equator you get, the sun’s heat can become a problem if you’re not using the optimal type of shipping cases.

Another very important factor in how hot a shipping case will get is how much direct sun exposure will the case receive while in transit. Air shipping, for example, allows for zero sun-exposure – at least while the cargo is on the plane. Once it hits the ground, it may be subject to lengthy periods of heat, depending on how it is transported.

Sending cargo by ship may or may not bring shipping containers into direct sunlight. Even if your cases are surrounded with a light, reflective color coating, it’s never ideal to allow fragile cargo to spend excess time in direct sunlight.

Ground shipping may keep your shipping cases shielded from the sun, but it may not. You need to consult with your shipping services provider and learn exactly how your cases will be protected in transit – or if they will be at all.

Finally, the air temperature (even without direct sunlight) can affect certain types of cargo. For instance, if your shipping containers will be moved on the back of an open but covered truck across the Mojave Desert, the containers and the products inside them are going to get hot, even if no sunlight touches them.

Protection of your cargo

Shipping case customizers can perform many tasks to outfit you with well-built, well-padded transit cases that will go a long way toward protecting your valuable cargo. Cases can be color-customized to help reduce the effects of the sun. As the owner of the cargo, it’s important that you understand exactly how your items will be handled and stored during the shipping process. That way, you can make the right decisions to give your cargo optimal protection – in all kinds of weather.

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