How the Best Flat Screen TV & Display Monitor Shipping Cases Protect Your Investment

The use of poorly built or improper shipping containers commonly leads to damage during transport and are key reasons for significant loss of capital when companies ship flat screen TV monitors to trade shows, conferences and sales events.

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Due to the numerous delicate components in modern, high-definition TVs and monitors, extra care must be taken when shipping the products from one location to another. These items must be packaged in a way that prevents exterior and internal component damage during transport by not-so-gentle truck lines and air carriers.

Factory cardboard shipping cartons are not meant for repetitive shipping.

A common misconception is that a factory carton is the best shipping container since it was designed by the manufacturer for the screen. Although sturdy, factory cartons are meant for one or two shipments – usually by the truckload on pallets to the retail store, and then to the buyer’s home or business. If shipped alone via truck or air, the carton may perform well during good handling. But it’s the one poor handling event, more likely encountered during repetitive shipping, that will reveal the difference between a factory carton and a properly designed shipping case.

You may have a certain amount of loss-from-shipping-damage built into your operating costs. But whatever figure you’ve come up with can probably be significantly reduced when you forego single-use cardboard, and even wood crates, and move up to secure containers that are designed specifically for flat screen displays. Moreover, purpose-built shipping cases can all but eliminate this operating cost.

Key shipping case features that give peace of mind against loss

When your stock or custom cases are designed and manufactured by industry leaders such as Pelican-Hardigg™ Cases, Anvil Cases, Gator Cases and SKB Cases, you’re getting protection for your valuable flat screen monitor systems that you can count on, event after event. Features to look for include:

  • Heavy-duty and lightweight choices with configurable options

  • Recessed hardware for ATA compliance and safety during transport

  • Engineered foam case interiors to mitigate vibration & shock

  • Resilient exterior materials

  • Airtight and waterproof features when warranted

The best LCD monitor shipping cases come in the sizes you need

Like the old saying, “you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole,” you shouldn’t have to ship your flat screen TVs and monitors in anything but the just-right transport cases. Experienced packaging professionals will offer a wide range of case sizes from smaller 19” to 22” cases all the way up to cases that will accommodate large television screens 65” and more in width.

Saving money and preserving your investment means following this tested formula for choosing the cases for your cargo: Stringent manufacturing standards + right size case for your product + right case features for your specific needs = successful shipments time and again.

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ATA-compliant flat screen display cases for air transport

Another thing to look for in a safe and durable shipping case is Air Transport Association (ATA) compliance. Founded in 1936, the ATA is the air carrier trade association in the United States that creates standards for the airline industry – including packaging. Shipping flat screens to trade shows and sales conferences by air brings unique factors into play where safety and security, for both cargo and the aircraft, are concerned. If you use air transport for your products, you should always look for well-built shipping cases that comply with ATA 300, Category 1 standards. And since ATA is a stricter standard, these cases are well suited for transport via truck and even ocean.

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