What to Know When Buying Weapons Shipping Cases

There are many rules governing the manufacture, sales, ownership and transport of firearms. When it comes to shipping weapons, an important unwritten rule applies: use rugged cases that are designed specifically for your guns and other weapons.

custom cushioning SKB case

This rule protects your investment. Whether you’re a private citizen who carries his guns and ammo to events and adventures, a commercial weapons manufacturer or a retail gun seller, you’ve probably got a few stories about a handgun, rifle or shotgun that was damaged in transit.

Shipping damage to weapons can be minor or major, but usually it’s not the shipping entity’s fault. The fault most of the time lies in gun cases that simply aren’t appropriate for the products placed in them.

The best gun cases = the best protection

The first step in providing a secure shipping environment for your weapons and ammunition is choosing gun transport cases made by companies that are known for building top-of-the-line products. These cases will be more expensive than those you might find at a discount weapons retailer or big-box department store, but they’ll stand the test of time and effectively protect your investment.

An example is SKB Cases based in Orange, Calif. Features available with SKB weapons cases include:

  • Rugged yet amazingly lightweight design

  • Outer shell resists denting

  • Cases will not shatter

  • Cases designed for handguns, long guns and everything in between

  • Multiple-compartment cases that hold two long guns and up to six pistols

  • Secure press-and-pull latches

  • Gasketed tongue-and-groove closure

  • Many larger weapons cases come with wheels (or wheels can be added) for easy movement

weapon shipping cases in Florida

Customization makes the difference

SKB gun cases are built for top performance. Pelican™ is another case brand that serious weapons enthusiasts and shippers trust. But in itself, a quality gun case may not be enough. That’s where customization comes in.

By having your weapons cases modified to your exact specifications, you ensure the ultimate safety and protection of your firearms in any type of shipping environment. For example, your case can be modified with custom high-density polyethylene foam to conform exactly to your weapon(s) size. Every compartment of a case can be designed to be a perfect fit for the items you need to transport.

Shipping weapons by air

Rules affecting weapons and their shipping are stringently enforced by U.S. airports and most air terminals throughout the world. For this reason, when buying new weapons cases or having cases modified, it’s important to ensure that the products are ATA 300, Category 1 compliant for carriage on airlines.

Leading weapons case manufacturers build many cases in their lines that meet this compliance. Reputable shipping case customization experts will make sure to suggest the right products for their customers who need ATA-compliant cases.

SKB Gun Case For Shipping

Customization of your current weapons cases

If you ship large quantities of weapons and are experiencing costly damage in transport, the solution may not be the replacement of all your cases. Most standard cases can be modified for safety and protection, saving you the cost of new cases and putting an end to weapons damage that eats into your bottom line.

Cases2Go of Tampa, FL, is Florida’s largest and most-trusted transit case dealer and customizer. With more than 35 years’ experience, our ISO-certified team is ready to provide you with standard or customized weapons cases that offer you the highest protection in the gun-shipping industry. Learn more about how we can help you by calling (800) 636-1690.

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