Why the Foam Material Inside Your Shipping Cases Is So Important

The word “foam” can mean many different things. When it comes to the foam inside shipping cases, it will pay you to know that there is a range of different foam qualities, and the quality you choose for your cases will have a lot to do with how well the case protects the items you’re shipping.

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Shipping case foam matters, and here’s why

  • Foam cushioning is an integral part of a well-designed shipping case system

  • Foam is available in different densities to properly cushion and support item weight

  • Foam-type thickness is calculated to protect an item for a certain drop height

  • Foam can include certain necessary properties such as anti-static, flame-retardant, conductive and cross-linked

No matter what types of items you ship, how often or in what quantity, those items are an investment. Protecting cargo starts with a quality shipping case produced by a leading manufacturer such as SKB, Anvil, Gator, Platt or Pelican-Hardigg™. The next step – especially when having transit cases customized – is to use high-quality foam that retains its configuration and shock-absorbing properties, use after use.

Polyethylene (PE) foam is the perfect choice for shipping cases

Among the various foam products available for use in transit containers, it’s hard to beat the durability and protective qualities of polyethylene foam. This “closed-cell” material is ideal for protecting items of all sizes, shapes and weights.

Advantages of PE foam when professionally fitted in customized shipping cases include:

  • Highly pliable and flexible yet lightweight and shatterproof

  • Polyethylene foam won’t break or split when being worked with and handled

  • Closed-cell properties allow it to easily repel water and liquids

  • Provides high shock-absorption protection in all applications

  • Extreme durability makes it ideal for transit cases that will be used multiple times

  • Clean, smooth finish

  • Available in a range of colors and densities as well as low-abrasion and anti-static configurations

  • Will not harbor bacteria, mold or mildew

Don’t risk damage because of cheap, inferior shipping case foam

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Shippers lose money every year because they didn’t factor in the cost of quality foam and case customization when planning their budgets. Don’t make this mistake. After the case itself, the foam material used to cradle and hold your cargo is the most important element in the packaging / shipping process.

This is especially true for reusable shipping cases. Cheap foam or poor quality custom work means a much shorter life for the case and its protective qualities. Your bottom line depends on safeguarding your product or equipment investment, and it also depends on making sure that the cases and custom foam you select and purchase will perform dependably for a predictable length of time.

If your business involves the shipping of electronics, video equipment, musical instruments and accessories, hospital products, weapons or any other type of cargo, Cases2Go of Tampa, FL, can customize a full line of transit cases for your specific needs. We bring more than 35 years’ experience to every job, and our only goal being your satisfaction every step of the way.

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