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We provide high quality aluminum cases from leading manufacturers such as ZERO Halliburton and ZARGES Aluminum. Here you can find aluminum computer carrying carrying cases, aluminum luggage, aluminum briefcases, aluminum rackmount cases, aluminum shipping cases. All aluminum cases are made for maximum protection.

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Aluminum Cases

Traveling with your laptop or other delicate equipment can be a disaster waiting to happen if you do not take the necessary precautions. It is in your best interest to do whatever is needed to protect your belongings from the damage that could occur as you approach your next destination. Often, there seems to be a number of dangers awaiting your delicate equipment at every corner, and the next drop, scratch or raindrop could be the one that ruins your laptop or other high-tech equipment.

To protect your equipment, look through the assortment of aluminum cases at Cases2Go. An aluminum case will provide maximum protection for all your belongings. If the case is dropped or has something dropped on it, if the case is scratched, or if the case is wheeled over an uneven surface, you can be sure that everything in your aluminum case will be safe and secure.

Aluminum Laptop Case | Aluminum Tablet Case

Aluminum Laptop and Tablet Cases

Our selection of aluminum computer cases are designed to provide maximum protection for your laptop from a variety of harmful events. The exterior of the case is constructed from high-grade airplane-strength aluminum. If it’s good enough to build airplanes with, then you can be sure your laptop will be safe as you travel. The case’s interior is padded with high density foam to keep your laptop snug inside the case. A gasketed seal keeps dust and moisture out; you won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain with your laptop. With all these features, you can rest assured that your laptop will remain safe and secure when packed into an aluminum case.

Aluminum Brief Case | Aluminum Attache | Aluminum Carry Case

Aluminum Briefcases and Attaches

For the professional, the Aluminum Attaché is made of airplane-strength aluminum, ensuring they are extremely lightweight, which allows you to carry your case and all its contents over as long a distance as you need to. With an aluminum attache, you can transport your files and other necessities in a stylish, professional aluminum case that will protect your belongings under almost any circumstances.

Aluminum Carry Case

Aluminum Carrying Cases

ZARGES, a leading company in the aluminum processing sector, has recognized the advantages of this material for decades. The result is a wide range of containers, transit cases, crates, baskets, trolley, pallets and specialized designs which will help you find solutions to your logistics problems. Our long-lasting reusable transit containers make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

Aluminum Shipping Case

Aluminum Shipping and Transit Cases

Foam Filled or Empty, these user-configurable, light weight and corrosion resistant aluminum cases are perfect for virtually unlimited applications. Constructed from lightwieght, high-grade airplane-strength aluminum, padded with high density foam and a gasketed seal means that your equipment will be protected from virtually any environmental condition.

Aluminum Rack Case

Aluminum Rackmount Cases

Constructed from lightwieght, high-grade airplane-strength aluminum and a gasketed seal means that your equipment will be protected from virtually any environmental condition. ZARGES Mitraset 19" housings have special design features: casing constructed of precision welded high tensile aluminum sheets to which an elastically suspended anti-vibration frame, made of extrusions, is fitted.

About ZARGES Aluminum Cases

ZARGES GmbH & Co. KG has decades of know-how in the construction and production of reusable cases for packaging, storage and transport. They are the preferred means for the packaging of electronic, and other sensitive goods with the NATO peace-keeping forces and emergency aid. On the basis of specific standards and guidelines, ZARGES products fulfill all the various criteria whatever the field of application. The development of new products, leading to the rapid transformation of technical ideas into user-orientated, high quality innovative solutions are factors that make ZARGES stand out from the crowd.

About ZERO Aluminum Cases

ZERO produces aluminum cases to suit your business travel and transit needs. Whatever you are trying to protect, ZERO has a case for the job. If you are traveling with a laptop, as many people do these days, then you will need to provide your computer with protection against falls, bad weather and vibrations. Damage to your laptop could lead to a loss of data or malfunctioning programs, which could be devastating to your business. With an aluminum case from ZERO, this scenario will be virtually eliminated.

The right aluminum case will not only help to keep you organized, but will also give you a more professional appearance and everyone will know that you mean business. As with all companies that Cases2Go works closely with, most of the products that are offered are customizable to your needs; just call or e-mail us and we will make every attempt to produce the case that you need.

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