Dependable Packaging When It Matters Most!

To often individuals and businesses are confronted with damaged equipment due to insufficient packaging. Cases2Go understands it is imperative that your equipment arrives in operational condition at its destination. A truly dependable packaging solution should not only ease your mind, but be proven to perform time after time.

Cases2Go offers a complete selection of durable and reusable shipping cases featuring a variety of protective materials, tailored to your unique requirements. Many of our solutions are reasonably priced, depending on size and complexity of design. Now, consider the cost of replacing that equipment and time lost to re-package. What may have seemed like a cost-effective choice at the time could end up costing hundreds of dollars later! Our clients have often found the investment in one reusable shipping case to be far less than replacing a single unit of their equipment.

The foundation of our packaging solutions is our reusable cases and engineered foam interiors. Designed to house your equipment like a glove, our foam cushions safeguard your equipment from damaging shock and vibration during transit.

“What if my equipment changes?” you may ask. It's simple, our cases are meant to last. Cases2Go has an economical and eco-friendly alternative: reuse the outer-container and let Cases2Go fabricate an updated foam cushion to integrate your new equipment, minimizing the time and investment to re-package.

With over 500 standard and off-the-shelf sizes, we are confident Cases2Go can provide a reliable transit solution for any requirement. Cases2Go products have been synonymous with quality and durability for over 30 years. Our high performance cases provide the ultimate protection for sensitive equipment, whether transporting products to tradeshows or fulfilling government and commercial contracts.

Want to know more? Contact our sales specialists at 800-636-1690 with your requirements today!

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