Repeat-Use Packaging Solutions

Has your equipment changed since you last purchased with us? Do you need to modify an existing layout for an upcoming project? 

As our cases are virtually indestructible, many of our customers forget the possibility of re-purposing their case in the event their equipment changes. Rather than throwing away your case or allowing it to collect dust, why not opt for an economical, eco-friendly alternative and reuse the outer-container by allowing Cases2Go to fabricate an updated foam cushioning system to integrate your new equipment. 

We know our customers seek case designs that are lightweight, durable and offer high performance under difficult conditions. Additionally, we realize that many of our customers have come to rely upon us not only for sensible and innovative options, but also for a focused response to their urgent and often changing needs.

The benefits of our in-house production facility are unmatched. 

  • Design & prototyping 
  • Re-usable foam packaging 
  • Precision foam cushion fabrication 
  • Quality lead time and control 
  • Highly trained engineers & designers 
  • Full turn-key and OEM solutions 
  • CNC & DIE Cut capabilities 
  • Foam recycling 

If you have an old or unused case and would like to change its design and minimize the time and investment to re-package, give us a call! Our team of designers and engineers are standing by ready to help you design and customize your case.

Want to know more? Contact our sales specialists at 800-636-1690 with your requirements today!

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