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Middle Atlantic Component Cooler w/ (3) Fans from Cases2Go
Price: $291.60
Availability: Available
Item #: RIA-COMP-COOL-3 -

Component Cooler w/ (3) FansPiggybacked to (1) Power SupplyRemove heat right at the source. Optimized for components on open shelving, this quiet cooler turns on automatically when satellite/cable boxes, receivers and other heater generating components get too hot. Place the component cooler directly on top of equipment vents. The COMP-COOL-3 is available for systems that require multiple components to be cooled. The low-profile unit produces minimal noise and fits beneath most equipment....

Middle Atlantic Quiet-Cool Cabinet Cooler Isometric View from Cases2Go
Price: $176.40
Availability: Available
Item #: RIA-CAB-COOL -

Cabinet CoolerRemove heat generated by components located in smaller cabinets and entertainment centers. Operating only when needed to minimize dust, this quiet cooling device features an aesthetically designed vent that can be painted to match its environment. The quiet, internal fan activates automatically when temperatures generated by hot-running equipment reach damaging levels. Power: 12 VDC @ 100 mA. Airflow: 20 CFM