The Versatility of Reusable Custom Cases

It makes sense that if you’re going to be regularly transporting products or equipment you should invest in some quality reusable custom cases.

reusable plastic cases save money when shipping sensitive equipment

Buying low-cost, generic shipping cases every time you need to move various items can quickly end up costing more in damaged items. But with transit cases customized for your specific cargo and well-built by a reputable manufacturer, you not only save money over the long run but also ensure that your cargo is protected during shipping.

7 benefits of reusable custom shipping cases

1. When you work with an experienced customizer, your cases will be configured to your exact specifications, no matter the type, size, weight and configuration of items you’ll be moving.

2. Top-line cases from leading manufacturers can be purchased in just about every size imaginable and then transformed into reliable, reusable custom cases. The most-respected transit case manufacturers include:

3. Customized cases can be configured for cargo specific to any industry. Professional customization shops are experienced in designing cases for such industries as music, manufacturing, electronics, tool, weapons, military and many others.

4. Choose a case construction material that suits your needs and your cargo: plastic, plywood, aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

5. The cushioning materials in your reusable case play a huge part in how well your products hold up in transit. Cases can be fitted with a variety of foam types with the specific characteristics and densities that are ideally suited for protecting your investment.

6. If you ship and transport dangerous goods such as explosives, chemicals, gases, lithium batteries and the like, your reusable custom cases can be built for the certifications necessary to ship these products.

7. If you ship by air, you’ll need transit cases that meet ATA 300 requirements. The Air Transit Association mandates a number of specifications for cases that will be moved in airplanes. You can have your cases customized to meet these mandates.

shipping sensitive equipment on a plane requires protective plastic cases with custom foam interior

Many uses for reusable transit cases

Reusable custom cases are ideal for anyone who moves the same type of cargo over and over. Expert custom shops design specialty cases for many different uses:

  • Transport of products, electronics, booth materials and signage to trade show
  • Musical instrument, amplifier, sound board and speaker shipping

Get the right reusable case for your shipping needs

Protecting your cargo in transit begins with selecting cases that are well-made and proven to hold up during rigorous shipping activity. When you go with a manufacturer such as those listed above, you’re assured of a top-quality case.

When it comes to customizing your cases, it’s important to work with a transit case dealer and customizer that has verified experience in shipping case modification projects for a range of industries and specific uses. A quality shop can save you huge amounts of money in the long run by delivering products that will provide the safety and security you need for all your shipping activities.

Cases2Go of Tampa, FL, is Florida’s largest and most-trusted transit case dealer and customizer. With more than 35 years’ experience, our ISO-certified team is ready to provide you with standard or customized cases that offer you the highest levels of protection. Learn more about how we can help you by calling (800) 636-1690.

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