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1U Flat Cable Lacing Panel - 10 pack server racks, server rack accessories, kendall howard, server rack lacing panel, cable lacing panel, server lacing panel, 1U Flat Cable Lacing Panel, 1903-1-011-01
Price: $40.50
Availability: Available
Item #: RKH-1903-1-011-01 -

1U Flat Cable Lacing Panel - 10 packThe Kendall Howard 1U Flat Cable Lacing Panel is a top choice for managing and routing cables to and from patch panels, switches or other networking devices. Designed with you in mind, this cable management panel was built to support and organize cables, providing easy access to connections without taking up much room in an already crowded area. Simply mount the panel above or below your networking device, secure cables to the numerous vertical and...

Universal Wire Minder server racks, server rack accessories, kendall howard, wire minder, Universal Wire Minder, 0004-1-002-01A
Price: $9.75
Availability: Available
Item #: RKH-0004-1-002-01 -

Universal Wire Minderhe Kendall Howard Universal Wire Minder makes organizing and protecting cables a snap. Network cables that are not managed properly will decrease productivity, increase down time, and make it more difficult to trace connectivity issues. Rewiring a network or replacing cabling infrastructure can cost tens of thousands of dollars - so do it once, and do it right.What if you don't have a rack? No problem. The Universal Wire Minder can also be mounted along walls or under...