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Pelican™ Cases

Usually ships within 3-5 business days, contingent upon stock availability at time of order. Expedited service may be available, please contact 800-636-1690 for urgent requests.

NOTE: Pelican Products has announced a temporary surcharge of 2.5% to be applied to all orders placed on or after March 1, 2021. This charge is to help offset the sharp increase in cost for raw materials currently being experienced (particularly for resins) due to COVID-19 related supply-chain issues. This surcharge will be eliminated once the cost inputs impacting Pelican Products return to more reasonable levels.

Cases are Made in the USA!

Cases2Go specializes in Pelican™ shipping and transit case design and configuration, with over 3 decades of experience in performance packaging. Government pricing is available for qualified buyers.

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We do CUSTOM FOAM in House

Every Pelican™ case can be configured to your exact specifications. Use our Request A Quote form, or call 800-636-1690 to speak with a Packaging Specialist.


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    Pelican™ Storm Case™ injection molded cases feature a resilient HPX resin plastic body that is almost indestructible. Case design feature include automatic pressure equalization valve, hinged push-button latches, pad lockable hasps, fold-down over-molded plastic handles, and a waterproof O-ring gasket seal.  Larger cases include a retractable handle with recessed inline wheels.  All sizes are available empty or with cubed multi-layer foam filled body and convoluted foam filled lid. Padded dividers, panel-mounting rings and panels are optionally available for most sizes.  All cases meets airline luggage regulations, and several sizes meet carry-on baggage specifications. Pelican™ Storm Cases™ are engineered to exceed ATA Specification 300, Category 1 and MIL-STD-810.

    Every Pelican™ Storm Case™ can be customized to meet your specific requirements in our value-added manufacturing facility.  Contact our sales team to discuss the many ways Cases2Go can turn an empty case into an engineered packaging system.


    IM2050 8145-01-540-4438 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2050 8145-01-540-4439 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2050 8145-01-540-4437 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2050 8145-01-540-4450 (Black, Empty)
    IM2075 8145-01-540-4443 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2075 8145-01-540-4440 (Black, Empty)
    IM2075 8145-01-540-4452 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2075 8145-01-540-4451 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2100 8145-01-540-4453 (Black, Empty)
    IM2100 8145-01-540-4455 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2100 8145-01-540-4441 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2100 8145-01-540-4454 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2200 8145-01-540-9682 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2200 8145-01-540-9680 (Black, Empty)
    IM2200 8145-01-540-4442 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2200 8145-01-540-9681 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2300 8145-01-540-4446 (Black, Empty)
    IM2300 8145-01-540-4457 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2300 5895-01-540-3267 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2300 8145-01-540-4456 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2306 8145-01-562-0169 (Black, Empty)
    IM2306 8145-01-562-0170 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2306 8145-01-562-0175 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2306 8145-01-562-0174 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2370 8145-01-567-8495 (Black, Empty)
    IM2370 8145-01-567-8496 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2370 8145-01-567-8494 (Black, Padded Dividers)
    IM2370 8145-01-567-8497 (Black, Computer Tray)
    IM2400 8145-01-540-4459 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2400 8145-01-540-4460 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2400 8145-01-510-2074 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2400 8145-01-540-4458 (Black, Empty)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0154 (Black, Empty)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0157 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0159 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0160 (Olive Drab, Padded Dividers)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0156 (Black, Padded Dividers)
    IM2450 8145-01-562-0155 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2500 8145-01-540-4449 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2500 8145-01-540-4447 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2500 8145-01-540-4461 (Black, Empty)
    IM2600 8145-01-540-4464 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2600 8145-01-540-4463 (Black, Empty)
    IM2600 8145-01-540-9683 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2600 8145-01-540-9687 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6253 (Olive Drab, Padded Dividers)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6240 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6237 (Black, Padded Dividers)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6245 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6204 (Black, Empty)
    iM2620 8145-01-571-6233 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2700 8145-01-540-9685 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2700 8145-01-540-9684 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2700 8145-01-540-9686 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2700 8145-01-540-9688 (Black, Empty)
    IM2720 8145-01-540-9691 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2720 8145-01-540-9693 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2720 8145-01-541-0043 (Black, Empty)
    IM2720 8145-01-540-9690 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2750 8145-01-540-9694 (Black, Empty)
    IM2750 8145-01-540-9689 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2750 8145-01-540-9692 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2750 8145-01-540-9696 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0167 (Olive Drab, Padded Dividers)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0162 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0161 (Black, Empty)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0164 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0165 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2875 8145-01-562-0163 (Black, Padded Dividers)
    IM2950 8145-01-540-9695 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2950 8145-01-540-9697 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM2950 8145-01-540-9700 (Black, Empty)
    IM2950 8145-01-540-9698 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2975 8145-01-539-9190 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM2975 8145-01-540-9699 (Black, Empty)
    IM2975 8145-01-541-0044 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM2975 8145-01-534-1805 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM3075 8145-01-562-0176 (Black, Empty)
    IM3075 8145-01-562-0183 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM3075 8145-01-562-0184 (Olive Drab, Cubed Foam)
    IM3075 8145-01-562-0182 (Black, Cubed Foam)
    IM3100 8145-01-541-0046 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM3100 1095-01-524-0489 (Black, Solid Foam)
    IM3100 1095-01-524-0427 (Olive Drab, Solid Foam)
    IM3100 8145-01-541-0045 (Black, Empty)
    IM3200 8145-01-541-0048 (Black, Solid Foam)
    IM3200 8145-01-541-0049 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM3200 8145-01-541-0047 (Black, Empty)
    IM3200 8145-01-541-0050 (Olive Drab, Solid Foam)
    IM3220 8145-01-562-0186 (Black, Empty)
    IM3220 8145-01-562-0190 (Olive Drab, Empty)
    IM3220 8145-01-562-0187 (Black, Solid Foam)
    IM3220 8145-01-562-0191 (Olive Drab, Solid Foam)
    IM3300 8145-01-541-0051 (Black, Empty)
    IM3300 1095-01-524-0488 (Olive Drab, Solid Foam)
    IM3300 1095-01-524-0426 (Black, Solid Foam)
    IM3300 8145-01-541-0052 (Olive Drab, Empty)

    Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. Pelican injection molded cases are guaranteed to be watertight to a depth of 3.3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes (IP 67) if properly closed with undamaged o-ring in place unless otherwise stated. To the extent permitted by law, Pelican's liability is limited to the case and not its contents or foam. All warranty claims of any nature are barred if the container has been altered, damaged or in any way physically changed, or subjected to abuse, misuse, negligence or accident.

    Please refer to the Pelican Warranty page for complete details.

    Cases2Go Expertise

    The staff and owners at Cases2Go are Packaging Experts; we don't sell cameras, coolers, laptops and everything else imaginable. We are focused on one thing - the safe transportation of our customer's goods. With over 3 decades of experience, our portfolio includes thousands of standard and custom configured cases delivered to military and commercial customers worldwide.

    We love speaking with our customers! Let us assist you in choosing the case that best fits its intended use. We understand transportation and its requirements; we speak ATA-300, CFR 49, UN/IATA, MIL-STD-810. We are familiar with cushioning curves, drop, shock & vibration requirements & testing, dangerous goods packaging, EMI shielding, corrosion & humidity control.

    In short, Cases2Go provides turnkey packaging solutions that are field proven by some of the toughest customers in the harshest of environments. We can do the same for you !